How to Use The Seven Deadly Sins in your Copy (and Enter Marketing Heaven!)

Want to communicate to captivate more customers?

package-7sins-larger175Grab this fun (but sinfully powerful!) training from award-winning Madison Avenue copywriter Lisa Rothstein. Lisa reveals how using greed, lust, anger, envy, sloth, pride and/or gluttony can help you make your copy much more powerful and your offers totally irresistible!

•    Tap into your prospect’s deepest desires
•    Uncover what’s irresistible about what YOU offer
•    Create killer opt-in pages and tempting must-have free gifts
•    End writer’s block and blah, low-converting copy forever
•    …and more!

Please indulge in this Mp3 audio and illustrated ebook – a $47 value, FREE!

Who am I, and why should you listen to me?


Lisa Rothstein, Award-winning “Mad Woman” Copywriter began her career in the 1980s  at the famed Young & Rubicam advertising agency on Madison Avenue in New York City. Moving on to other agencies in NY and Paris, France as an award-winning associate Creative Director, her clients over a 25+ year career have included IBM, Hanes, KFC, Colgate and many more. Embracing new media and internet marketing in her own business, Lisa is now a sought-after freelance copywriter, business coach, creative collaborator and marketing consultant to entrepreneurs, 6 and 7 -figure coaches  and businesses of all sizes.  [/content_box_grey]

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