Cartoons add a dimension of fun and relatability to your book or presentation. They help lighten a dry or difficult topic and give visual (not  to mention comic) relief to long text. And studies show that simply by adding visuals to text, you increase memory retention by 40%

art of impact bookI draw in a New Yorker Magazine style that lends wit and sophistication to your words. And of course, having cartoons in your book skyrockets the chance of its actually getting read, and remembered.

I read your text cover to cover, “get” the concept and suggest a whole range of funny ways to visualize your ideas. Or I can execute your own cartoon ideas. What I like best is collaborating with you to create something that communicates greater than the sum of its parts. And with my years of experience as a copywriter and marketer, I can help ensure our combined efforts get the point across with impact. I’ll even show you how you can share your cartoons as social memes to help spread your ideas and market your book.

Book Illustration & Collaboration packages start at $1500 and up* and include a range of concepts, a collaborative pencil stage for each “winning” idea, full execution in B&W, color or both and hi-res digital files for use online or in print.  I can also execute individual cartoon ideas for ads, presentations or newsletters, and create shareable image memes to spread your message.  A full range of licensing possibilities are available, from single-use to unlimited, to suit your needs and budget.

Cartoon Business Consulting

2015-12-30 10.35.34Looking for a way to get instant clarity and consensus on your direction in business? I can come in to your office  (or do a video conference) where we’ll work together to visualize your ideal client, your business goals, challenges and possible solutions, new ideas to capitalize on your current assets, new products, marketing strategies and much more. The result is an unforgettable new vision that you can easily refer back to and share, so everyone on your team can be on the same page and remain totally inspired!

(NOTE: This unique service goes far beyond graphic facilitation, which simply records your meeting. Of course all your ideas will be captured like in graphic recording  — and we’ll create powerful new business strategies and visions together as well. )

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from "Guest Appearance Gold" by Stephanie Calahan

from “Guest Appearance Gold” by Stephanie Calahan