Terms and Conditions

Payment: Payment  (or the first payment, in the event of a payment plan) must be received before work commences. The initial consultation is an exception to this rule.

Revisions: The number of revisions included in your purchase is specified on the sales page. In the case of “Done-for-you” pre-paid packages of hours or monthly retainers, unlimited revisions to copy are permitted; however all revisions count against the retainer time.  Therefore it is in the best interest of the client to have a clear idea of the direction of the copy before work commences, so as to avoid wasted drafts and time.  Please not that any major change of direction or strategy after work has started on a piece may require a total rewrite and the commensurate time.

Results: I strive to make your copy as effective as possible, and my clients are generally very happy with the results. However, since there are many factors which contribute to the success of a product launch or business offer besides the copy, I do not guarantee results.

Confidentiality: The client’s identity and details of their business, and even the existence of our relationship is kept strictly confidential, unless publicizing is expressly permitted by the client. In this case, I may take an active role in publicizing a client’s business or products via social media and elsewhere.

Refunds:  I do not offer refunds.  In the event of a change of plan, you may apply the unused portion of your payment to a future service.