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Are you paralyzed by the blank screen?

Overwhelmed by the complexity of copywriting for your business?

Convinced that you can’t do it because you’re “not a good writer”?

Frustrated with your results from your copy?

Don’t even know where to start?


If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you chose this life because of the freedom. The freedom to be your own boss. Work in your pajamas or on a yacht in Bali. Be master of your time.

But if your copy isn’t working for you, that dream is merely a fantasy.

Because instead of having sales come in automatically, you’re still chasing clients, and wondering why you can’t seem to sell that great telecourse you created.

The Truth: You really only need THREE pieces of copy for your business to make money.

1. Your Opt-in page – to add subscribers to your list

2. Your email campaigns – to develop a relationship with them

3. Your Sales Page – to make an offer they will buy.

That’s it. Sounds more manageable already, doesn’t it?

These three pieces are the basic building blocks that make up ALL lead-generation, products launches, list-building — everything.

Are there other bells and whistles you could add? Is there lots of fancy technology and shiny objects to geek out over? Of course.

But master these three, and you’re in business. Ignore them, or do them poorly, and you spin your wheels wondering why you’re working so hard, creating such great products and program,  and still not making any money.

That’s why I’ve developed a simple training just for entrepreneurs, to give you everything you need to get YOUR 3 Steps written effectively, up online, get you more customers and get you making more money sooner rather than later:

The “3-Step Copy-To-Cash Machine 3.0” online course for Entrepreneurs & Coaches

Releasing November 2015



Join Copy to Cash Machine now for only $497

Join TODAY for only $97 (+ 5 additional payments of 97)

Early enrollment price ends (will be $997)








I want YOU to be 100% confident writing your sales copy!

Lisa Rothstein

Mad Woman & Copy Expert

Here’s what you get as an early enrollee:

In this fast-pacedFUN and no-fluff training, I’m going to give you all the nuts-and-bolts you need to set up your very own 3-Step Copy-to-Cash Machine in your own business.

As an early enrollee you get instant access to the entire 2.0 version of the course, waiting for you in the membership area. You can start today while the 3.0 version is getting finalized.

  • Four 90-120 minute video presentations each covering one of the 3 Steps in depth. You’ll learn how to create killer optin/landing pages, emails and sales pages and have confidence you can do it! 
  • A BONUS module “The Anatomy of a Launch” that shows you how the 3 Steps work in a product launch context that can make you 6 figures!
  • Transcripts and/or slides of each training. These are great for review, since you can keep them at your elbow as you craft your copy, make notes in the margins and skim them quickly to find the point you want.
  • Mp3 audios of all the trainings to listen on the go


  • LIVE “Copy Clinic” Q&A calls We’ll dig into your specific business, answer your questions and tweak your copy. The sooner you join, the sooner you get access to my live feedback and coaching!
  • Instant access to my expert guidance plus an online community of fellow members in our private Facebook Group. 

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“I woke up one morning and found I’d made a $4000 sale from a sales page Lisa wrote for my program, without even having to have a sales conversation with the client. That’s NEVER happened before!” – Amanda Moxley, Body & Transformation coach, Director of Healthy & Wealthy Biz School for Coaches www.amandamoxley.com .



Imagine knowing exactly what to write EVERY TIME you launch a new product or service!

This training will “teach you how to fish” and give you a simple, effective system to follow over and over for YEARS. No more writers’ block or wondering if your stuff will work.

Here’s what YOU will master! 

STEP 1 – Maximize your Opt-in Page

This is the shop window and front door to your business. Its one and only job– to get customers IN THE DOOR …and onto your mailing list. We’ll cover everything you need to know about creating Opt in pages that get results including:

  • The elements an Opt-in page must have – and must not – in order to do its job
  • What a great opt-in page looks and feels like
  • What makes a strong, curiosity-building headline
  • Why you should use video and how to create the perfect script every time
  • How to bribe your visitors to give you their information without it costing you anything
  • Juicy ideas & titles for your freebie that will have them handing over their email
  • Easy & fast ways to create an irresistible freebie in a day (or less!)
  • Techie stuff – how to create your page and optin form and get it online in a hour or less!

Step Two – Your Email Campaigns

Just like you wouldn’t propose marriage on a first date, you can’t start selling to people without a relationship. Email is where you woo your subscribers and let them get to know, like and trust you. You’ll discover:

  • How to communicate regularly with your list without “bugging” them
  • 7 kinds of subject lines that get your email opened and read
  • How to keep coming up with endless new ideas for your emails
  • The anatomy of an autoresponder series – pre-set it and forget it!
  • When to send a broadcast email instead of an autoreponder (and what’s the difference)
  • When and how to transition from free content to making offers
  • Why traditional newsletters don’t sell and why that’s good news for you
  • And more!

Step Three — Your Killer Sales Page

This is the one that paralyzes so many entrepreneurs. The fact is, if you’ve set the stage properly, making sales is the next logical step. But there are some elements that need to be included in an effective sales page, some “buttons” it helps to push and a few rules to follow. You’ll learn:

  • The anatomy of a great sales page
  • Lisa’s Simple Five-Step Copywriting System that will end your Sales Page Writers’ Block forever
  • Easy ways to craft headlines that rivet your reader and force them to read on
  • Your story and how to tell it
  • Tips and tricks to boost your reputation, credibility and authority on your sales page
  • How to get your clients to toot your horn for you
  • When and how to offer a guarantee, and what it should cover
  • Bonuses – what to add to sweeten your deal. I’ll share the good, the bad and the worthless
  • When it’s time to hire a pro copywriter, and when you can DIY

You’ll also get these done-for-you goodies:

  • Templates and checklists that will help you create your most effective Copy-to-Cash Machine in record time! (You’ll use these over and over.)
  • Examples from my own “swipe file” that you can model to create your own pieces
  • Video tutorials that will show you step-by-step how to easily create your opt in and sales pages and get them online, without a web designer
  • Headline Headstart Kit: A BIG list of proven headline templates. Just fill in the blanks with your own information!
  • Video script templates for your opt-in and sales pages, that work whether you are camera-shy or not
  • My Testimonial Generator Cheat Sheet – how to easily get great testimonials from your clients every time (use these on your sales pages and EVERYWHERE!)
  • My own resource guide – I’ve curated a list of the BEST and easiest-to-use techie tools–the very same ones I use myself and recommend to my private clients – to get your Copy to Cash Machine up and running FAST , looking professional and working to make you money while you sleep


  • BONUS Interrogations with experts on Facebook Marketing, Joint Ventures and other traffic strategies to get hordes of your ideal clients coming into your copy-to-cash machine every day! 
  • BONUS “Anatomy of a Launch” Training module, that shows how to retool the 3 Steps for a 6 figure product launch


“Lisa wrote me the greatest sales page…in just a few days, I secured three new clients!” – Michelle Ghilotti, Branding Expert for “Mom-preneurs” www.michelleghilotti.com

The “Whatever” Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee - Hand Drawn Blue

If after reviewing the course for up to 1 year AND applying what you’ve learned you don’t feel you are getting fabulous value  I won’t take it personally. Just contact me for a full and cheerful refund, guaranteed.


You will NOT learn EVERYTHING there is to know about online business. We will ONLY be covering how to create the three pieces that lead most directly to money in your bank account.

Join Copy to Cash Machine now for only $497 (will be $997)

Join Now for only $97! (plus 5 additional payments of $97)

Early enrollment price ends (will be $997)