Content to Cash 1-Day Virtual Bootcamp

Package your coaching expertise into
content you can sell, and content that sells you!

Imagine if you could give hundreds, even thousands of people the opportunity to work with you (without it taking any more of your time)…

Imagine having a never-ending stream of prospects begging to work with you in your higher-end programs because they already know and love you….

Imagine being seen as the go-to expert in your field, because you effortlessly stand out from a sea of competition…

And imagine having an asset (or several!) that keeps paying you over and over again, for years, even while you’re sleeping or on vacation!

That’s what you get and more.. when you take what you know and package that content into a product.

You’ve seen the big gurus sell home study programs and online courses.

Guess what? YOU can do it too…and it’s NOT as hard as you think.

With today’s technology, if you can talk into your telephone, or type on a computer, you can create a course or program.

But HOW do you know what you’ve got that can be a product…and how do you get it out of your head and into the hands of your customers? What do you charge? And how will you get people to buy?

That’s what we’ll be covering (and much more) in my all-new:

Content to Cash 1-Day Virtual Workshop
Saturday Feb 6 10AM PST – 3PM PST

Join me for this ONE-DAY immersive virtual experience where we will:

  • See what having a product could do for your coaching practice or service AND your bottom lin
  • Identify the parts of what you do that can be “productized” (even if you think what you do is different for every client)
  • Determine how to decide what to create when you’ve got a million ideas
  • Look at different formats to deliver your product (you can start with whatever is comfortable for you!) and what pieces to include
  • Give you a re-usable outline and framework for creating all kinds of sellable content from courses to meditations to bestselling books
  • Go through a range of easy and inexpensive (or even FREE) technology options you can use to create your product, get it online and get paid, fast
  • Explore how to price your product for maximum benefit to both you and your client, from $47 to $997 !
  • And (my personal favorite!) show you all the possibilities for marketing your new product – again cheap or even FREE!

You’ll also get:

  • A handy resource guide with links to all the tools, books and services discussed during the workshop
  • A downloadable outline for you to fill in to build your own information product
  • Lifetime access to the recordings of the workshop!

If you can’t make it live, don’t worry…you will receive all the same worksheets and recordings as live attendees.

Whether you join me live or not, you’ll want to return to the material over and over as you are creating your product, and every time you want to create a new one!

So, what’s the investment?

I’m practicing what I preach! When I package up the materials from this live workshop for sale to the public later this year, the price will be $497 and maybe even higher. And it will be totally worth it. But because you are here at the beginning and are a member of our “tribe”, I’m offering it to YOU for only $97.

Think about that – you will easily make back your investment with just your first sale or two…and you’ll be able to use what you’ve learned and have the resources at your fingertips to generate unlimited income from your own products for life!

HOWEVER, I can only make this offer to those who commit NOW. Once we hold the live workshop, this price will no longer be available.

Are you ready to get creative and learn how to package your brilliance in a way that you can sell over and over, forever?

Sign up below while the secret intro price is available. You’ll receive all the information in your email about how to access the workshop and materials.

See you in the Content to Cash Workshop!