For Authors Only

You wrote the book — but can you write your own marketing? Let me help. From back-of-the-book copy to your website or book trailer, I can help you make your book sell as well as it reads! Ask me about how to turn your book into a speaker’s platform and signature program!

  • Web site copy
  • Back-of-the-book copy
  • Title, subtitle, chapter title and taglines
  • “Punch up”
  • Facebook fan page set up
  • social media strategy
  • List building strategies
  • Book trailer scripts and videos
  • book and ebook 3-d “electronic” covers for web graphics (see example below!)
  • Bestseller campaign coaching (Peggy McColl student)
  • Marketing consulting and answers on: WordPress, email marketing, JV alliances and more!

Package of 1 Half Day Intensive (in-person with Lisa in San Diego or by Google Hangout) plus 20 hours of collaboration and copywriting for you to use over 90 days for your choice of the above services:

Investment:  only $5000 (click Add to Cart below_

(also payable in 3 monthly installments of $2000 30 days apart, click “Subscribe” below)

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