If you’re a company that makes cool stuff that improves the quality of life, or the quality of business, let’s talk.

I can bring out what’s great about your brand and your products and services. Even if it’s a little complicated. Non-geeks love my writing. And geeks respect it. That’s why I’ve done so well writing copy for these companies:






“Lisa is a very talented copywriter who did great work for IBM when I was her client in the early 1990s. As a complement to her tremendous creative ability, she brings a broad base of knowledge and a range of interests that are wider and deeper than you find in many advertising writers. And she is a joy to work with.” – Roy Schecter, Marketing Manager, IBM


“Lisa took on a writing assignment for us that not only involved fairly complex technology, but having to hunt down info from most elusive contacts. She was amazingly patient, highly professional and diligent, and the end result was terrific. A pleasure to work with!” – Sue Arrellano, Centric Systems

Of course, innovation is not solely the province of technology businesses.   I’ve also enjoyed creating groundbreaking work for these brands:


…and, as they say in the ad business, much, MUCH more.

“Lisa was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely creative and did a lot of independent research to be sure that she understood the product and the target audience. She was flexible about changes in time lines and always delivered superior results. She knows her craft inside and out. I whole heartedly recommend Lisa and look foward to the next opportunity I have to work with her.” – Linda Kulla, Bardwil Industries (Lenox Home division)

Suffice it to say I’m a quick study and can understand and ferret out the unique awesomeness of any product or service you can throw at me.

Want to discuss that possibility? I wont duck. Just call 310-279-9039 or fill out the contact form below.

To see some of my award-winning advertising work, click HERE.