LR-donotdisturbAt least once a year I like to go away for a week all alone to work on my business. It’s a road trip of 5-7 hours, usually somewhere in the desert.

I get a lot of raised eyebrows for this. I’ve had concerned family, friends (and even once the concierge at the timeshare) ask if everything is ok in my marriage.

The fact is, it’s because my husband (who also works from home) and I love to talk, and we distract each other all day long that I NEED this dedicated time! If you can’t get away for a whole week, even a few days can really let you put your head down and get a ton done.

Here are 7 ways to get the most out of yours:

1. Select a goal for the trip

What would you love to accomplish while you’re away?
Write your launch copy?
Develop a product?
Actually GO THROUGH one of the gazillion courses you purchased?

Make your goal as specific as possible. You may not complete it 100%, but it’s a 100% guarantee if you don’t set a target the time will go by and you won’t have much to show for it. Trust me on this.

2. Choose a location that has everything you need onsite

I like to stay at timeshare properties that have a separate living and sleeping space, a full kitchen with all the dishes and cutlery. You can easily find these even if you don’t own a timeshare, on Craigslist and ebay, from owners who are renting theirs out, often for just a few hundred dollars a WEEK. You can also choose an airbnb. Just be sure it has enough space so that you do not go stir crazy.

3. Bring all your most creative tools

Since I drove here, I had room for everything!

doxieHere’s my current list:


  • Winning the Story Wars by Jonah Sachs
  • Launch by Jeff Walker
  • All my OWN notebooks and binders full of notes I took this year that I never had time to read and implement!!

4. Choose someplace driveable if possible

I only go places I can get to by car, not only for cost but because I bring a ton of stuff with me, such as books, giant post it pads, art supplies, my favorite pillow from home…none of which works if I’m flying. If you must fly, go somewhere that has places you can buy what you need once you get there.

5. Use your drive time to set the stage

I like to listen to audios of coaching calls related to my project or mindset to get me in the mood!

6. Let clients know you are unavailable except in emergencies

A huge pitfall is when you go away and end up doing all the same day-to-day stuff you’d do if you were home. As much as I try to clear the decks before I leave, I always seem to spend the first couple of days playing whack-a-mole with “normal” stuff done before I can buckle down on the main project. That’s one reason I prefer a week to a long weekend.


Oh and PLEASE try to stay off social media, the phone and email as much as possible!! (I’m at about 75% success with this…think progress not perfection!)