The original Mad Men like Lisa Rothstein

This was my life at Young & Rubicam

Stuck? Blending in with the crowd? Having a brand identity crisis? Or does your copy ring as hollow as a cheesy pickup line at Happy Hour (and work about as well, too)?

You need a Peggy or a Don.

OK, so I may have been 20-odd years later than Peggy Olson of Mad Men when I got my start as a copywriter at the famed Young & Rubicam ad agency on Madison Avenue, or even when I became a Creative Director like Don Draper…but the ¬†demands were and are the same. On Mad Ave you have to have great ideas and the smartest copy for clients, or go home.

After years doing just that all over the world for brands like IBM, Hanes, The American Cancer Society and many more, I brought my Madison Avenue big brand creativity, strategy and problem-solving to entrepreneurs such as high-level coaches and consultants, inventors, startups and creative entrepreneurs of all stripes. When they hire me as a consultant, it’s like having their very own Don or Peggy concentrating on how to make their business hit it big with customers.

And being an entrepreneur myself since 2004, with all the ups and downs that entails…well, let’s just say I “get” how it is for you, too.

Here are just some of the ways I can help you:

  • Decide which of your many creative business ideas has the best shot in the marketplace right now, and what to do about the others
  • Name your products (like I’ve done for companies like Chevrolet, Capital One Bank and Vivendi Games, and for entrepreneurs and coaches too) or even your whole business
  • Help you create your products from scratch — with little or no overhead cost!
  • Guide you through all the¬†nuts and bolts of online marketing such as social media for business, blogging, how to build a list and more. You’ve got questions, I’ve got the answers.
  • Develop your copy strategy and marketing plan across all media
  • Be there to bounce your ideas off of, and to critique and tweak your marketing materials as they are created.
  • Troubleshoot pretty much any problem in your business, marketing-related or not.
  • And pretty much anything else you can throw at me. I’ve sold everything from computers to contact lenses. My commercials convinced people to leave money in their wills to cancer research. My ideas and copy have boosted donations to churches, synagogues and the Urban League, turned plain white underwear into a fashion product line and even sold a DVD of 50-year-old TV sitcom that almost no one remembers. I can certainly help you sell whatever product or service you’ve got.

Want to talk about any of the above — or something else? Book an intro session below at a fraction of my normal rate — refundable should we decide to work together.

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