As an entrepreneur who serves entrepreneurs as a copywriter and business/marketing coach, I see a these three  things come up over and over again. Handle these and you will be well on your way to a better, saner business.

1. Decide who you’re talking to MOST. Sure, your product/service might be helpful to many types of people, but if you talk to everybody, nobody will think you’re talking to her. Imagine your perfect customer and write your communication to her, as an individual. Your copy will be much stronger and ironically also appeal more even to people outside the target market too because it is more focused and “real” instead of bland corp-speak.

2. Think outcomes and strategy, before you think tools and tactics. Yes, social media IS important, blogging is a great way to connect with customers. But I see too many clients running themselves ragged because they heard they “have to be on Facebook” or “video is hot so I need YouTube channel.” There’s a candy-store (or living hell, depending on how you feel about the technology) of tools out there and there is not enough time to use them all. Be in control. Decide what you want to achieve first. Is it to build a mailing list? Demonstrate your product? Sell a program? Look like a leader in your industry? Then choose your tools to help you accomplish that.

3. Outsource before you are ready. I’m guilty of this myself. Entrepreneurs have a DIY attitude and want to save money… but there just isn’t enough of you. Someone else can do what you aren’t good at or don’t like a lot better than you, and often cheaper if you consider your own hourly rate while slaving over your copywriting, web design or email management. You can find people easily on Linked In or through personal recommendations from your network. And for certain tasks you can find overseas help for very affordable rates. Just invest at the level that the service requires for quality. For your sales copy– which is your “voice”  and directly connected to your income — hire a recommended professional and be prepared to invest at the level to which you expect an ROI. To set up your email autoresponder or add a blog page to your website, you can get away with a friendly and capable Filipino VA for as little as $5 per hour. Save your time and energy for your “genius” activities. A good mantra is “Only do what only you can do.”