Work with Me

I take on private clients from time to time for:

  • one-on-one business coaching
  • marketing mentoring and copy review
  • copy development and “punch-up” of your existing copy
  • Funnel architecture and copywriting for launches and evergreen sales
  • developing information products from your expertise and creative ideas

But here’s the thing.

First of all, when you spend an hour, a VIP day or 90 days of consulting with me, you are not purchasing an hour, a day or 90 days.

You are actually getting over 30 years of high-level marketing, advertising and strategic business expertise, plus tens of thousands of dollars worth of up-to-date online marketing training from the best high-level mentors and trainers in the world…all focused all on YOU and your business.

So, obviously, I’m not the most expensive coach, consultant or copywriter out there…but I’m also not the cheapest. Just sayin’.

However, I’m not in this just for the money. My passion is coming up with the ideas and the words that make you a success and get you results.

I won’t even take your money if I don’t think you’re positioned to get amazing results. Don’t pay me just to be your friend. (If that’s the relationship you are looking for, look me up on Facebook.)

If –and only if — you’re OK with the above, keep reading.

Which of these sounds like you?

You already have a business and your marketing and copy are not getting you the results you want, or you are stuck somewhere in creating your marketing strategy or materials. Click here to apply for a “30 Minutes on Madison Avenue” session with me to see if we are a fit — and if so, to look at ways we might work together.

Or you now want to create your own business –either based on what you used to do or something totally new, like a creative idea or talent — and need someone to guide and support you. You may be coming from the corporate world and are looking for a side business or one to replace your job.  Click here to apply for a “Creativity to Cash Breakthrough Session” 


“How Much do You Charge?”

I customize my programs to fit my clients’ needs, so I can’t possibly guess what your investment would be without a conversation.

Plus, it’s a moot point unless we both decide working together is a good idea.

If we ARE a fit, I do offer different levels of service, as well as payment plans. I do everything I can to make it “do-able” for my ideal clients to work with me.

(But if price is your main consideration, you are probably not my ideal client…and you probably can’t afford me.)

“Will you write my web page (or sales page or emails)?” 

I don’t take one-off projects except for my VIP clients in the context of a relationship where I already know your business. (So, no copy booty-calls.)

Also, I only write copy for businesses that are in a position to get ROI (that’s return on investment for you non-marketing-geeks.). That means you need to answer at least two of the following criteria:

  • you have a product or are developing one that sells for at least $500
  • you have a mailing list of at least 5000 people;
  • you are willing to invest at least $500 a month in paid advertising
  • your business is already earning six figures
If none of these is true, then it wouldn’t make sense for you to hire me, or any copywriter at my level. If two or more are true then we can talk about it. If all four are true, why are we not already working together?
An absolute requirement for ANY of my services is that you can pay me without taking bread out of the mouths of your children. I will NEVER ask you to go into debt or empty your 401Kin order to work with me — I know that may sound quaint given the attitude of many consultants today…but I have to look in the mirror in the morning, and at my age that is hard enough.