Are you ready for some true collaboration, cutting-edge strategy and creative brainstorming with someone who “gets” your business or product, and knows how to express its value…even when you don’t? 

I designed the packages on this page just for you. My gift is to help companies and business owners translate their products and services into clear, compelling messages that get noticed, remembered, and inspire buy-in. 

If you’re determined to….

• finally figure out your message, positioning tagline and brand identity…

connect with your customer’s deepest longings, fears and aspirations, so your marketing inspires buy-in and fierce loyalty…

• generate a content strategy and up to year’s worth of expert-positioning topics

• or finally write your copy and get it working to get you customers and clients

….then let’s talk. 

Because even with all the branding training, seminars or “theory” you may have invested in, sometimes you just need to sit down one-on-one with someone who “gets” your business, and can help you actually apply it and execute for YOUR unique situation and goals

FOR ALL SIZE COMPANIES: If you’ve been stuck trying to define your “niche”, “target market” or “avatar”, this program is for you! Together we’ll do a deep analysis of the ONE person you need to be talking to in your marketing, while I bring them to life in a cartoon before your very eyes. You get an insight-packed questionnaire, a 90-minute session in-person or virtual (Zoom video), the cartoon as a digital printable poster for your inspiration and a recording of our session for your lifetime review. Past clients say this is the one thing that finally got them to know their customer as a human so they always know exactly what to offer and their copy “practically writes itself.”  NOTE: When you click below, you’ll be asked to book your time slot at time of purchase, but don’t worry, we can always reschedule if necessary. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE.


FOR ALL SIZE COMPANIES: One idea-and-insight-jammed customized day with a creative professional who’s dreamt up big ideas for brands like IBM and Hanes. Together we’ll create the foundation to build your brand and grow your business:  hammer out your message and tagline, read the mind of your ideal client, construct your perfect business model, build your winning sales funnel, generate a year’s worth of content for your blog, Facebook Lives, podcasts and more. Includes pre-work, a complete “desk audit” review of your current content, and 30 days of follow up and feedback, including one additional 1 hour live virtual session. Purchase today and schedule your day through December 2019 in your choice of location (San Diego, NYC, LA, Paris, London) contingent on my travel schedule) or virtually. Book with confidence; your day may be rescheduled as needed. Virtual VIP Day may be divided into two consecutive half-day sessions. In-Person day includes snacks, lunch and valet parking. 


FOR ONLINE MARKETERS: Is your copy not getting you the results you want? Are pieces MIA? I’ll look at what you’ve got and figure out what’s working, what’s not, what’s missing and help you fix it. You get my complete review of your current copy, including opt ins, freebies, emails, sales pages, webinar slides and videos, a 2 hour virtual edit session with me, my copy fixes (via our shared Google docs) and my review of any changes you make for a month, plus a 1 hour live followup to tweak and answer your questions. LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE. If none are available you can opt to be added to the waitlist.

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FOR SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS AND CREATIVE PROFESSIONALS: Want to finally get that project DONE but need a creative, strategic partner to roll up their sleeves with you? My popular 1-month private collaboration and consulting package focuses on getting ONE important project to completion. Includes a goal-clarity worksheet, a sales message brainstorming tool, one 2 hour virtual intensive with me plus a month of collaboration via Google Drive, accountability and feedback, including two additional 30m live sessions. Redeem now through December 2019  LIMIT 2 PER CUSTOMER – LIMITED QUANTITY AVAILABLE. If we’re sold out you can opt to be placed on the waitlist.